About Me

About Me

No more feeling uncomfortable.

Hi, my name is Denis Victor, BA (Hons Int Couns); FDA( Int Couns); Cert. in (Int Couns); BACP Membership number00847557, Register number374419. I am in charge of Acorn Therapy. 

I am a private counsellor Based in Taunton, Somerset, England, I create a safe and confidential space where we can tackle challenges and discover the path towards long-lasting transformations. Additionally, I offer both in-person and online therapy options for clients in Kampala, Uganda, as well as for those living internationally. 

Acorn Therapy is dedicated to supporting the emotional well-being of its clients by offering counselling  services. We strive to provide a warm and  professional environment for individuals and families of all ages and backgrounds. Our counseling approach includes person-centered, integrative, systemic, cognitive behavioral, and creative arts therapies such as art, play, music, and drama. My services are inclusive and open to everyone, regardless of gender, age religion, sexual orientation, or cultural background.

I came to study psychology as a mature student which I think has greatly influenced the way I work. Moving to the UK from Uganda has made me more culturally sensitive, and I am mindful of my own biases when working with individuals, which I believe greatly benefits my clients. 


The long term goal for Acorn therapy is to offer access to professional, trained, experienced, and accredited counsellors, psychologists, psychotherapists, marriage and family therapists for anyone who is struggling

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No more feeling uncomfortable.

Denis Victor

I am a private counsellor in Taunton Somerset.

Born in Uganda, I came to the UK in my mid-twenties and have lived here ever since. Although my childhood was quite challenging, it left me with a profound interest in the dynamic relationship between individuals and their cultures and backgrounds. Psychology has traditionally been Eurocentric. I would like to make counselling and therapy more inclusive by providing a counselling service that welcomes clients from all cultures and socio-economic classes. 

My professional background is quite varied. Initially, I pursued a career in education as a teacher, then transitioned to become a youth worker. I have also worked as a support worker, providing assistance to both young individuals and adults with autism. Additionally, I have experience working with young offenders in rehabilitation centres. Following this, I decided to further my education and training as a therapist by returning to University.

I have had the opportunity to serve as a school counsellor at a prestigious boarding school in the UK. Throughout this time, I have offered counselling support to both students and staff members, assisting them with a diverse range of issues.

I founded Acorn Therapy in 2018 to offer a fresh and unique counselling experience which would appeal to those who may not have considered therapy before. 

Besides therapy and counselling, I like cycling, walking, listening to and making music.  I am a hand drummer and percussionist which is my second vocational passion – and I strongly believe in the healing properties of music.

Through our work together I hope you will be able to develop the skills needed for emotional health, resilience and well being. If you think I might be the right Counsellor for you please email acorntherapy1@gmail.com or call, text, Whatsapp: 07561725262.    

Professional Membership

I am a private counsellor in Taunton and a member of the following organisations, ensuring the highest professional and clinical standards.

British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP). I abide by its code of ethics and professional practice.

Member of the Taunton Association of Therapists (TAP). 

Member The black, African and Asian Therapy Network (BAATN). 

Why Choose Me?

Commitment to excellence in Therapy

As a private counsellor in Taunton Somerset , I have a commitment to excellence and we invest in training and continuous personal development (CPD). I and all I work with are trained and qualified counsellors.

  • I completed 4 years of training, my initial therapy training was at the Iron Mill College in Exeter where I gained a certificate in counselling. I subsequently gained a foundation degree and then studied for a BA in Integrative Therapy from the University of Worcester.
  • I am a registered member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP). I abide by its code of ethics and professional practice.
  • I have a clean DBS and I am fully covered by Professional Liability Insurance.
  • My work is fully supervised by registered supervisors and I continually update my professional development.
  • I have travelled widely in my life and I have experienced life in many parts of the world. Travel has given me a wide experience of the various cultures.

I am a fully qualified private counsellor in Taunton.

I can assist you with your current issues and aim to share skills for emotional resilience

I work with current, innovative ways & I provide a confidential, safe and supportive environment

Through our work together, I can assist you in addressing your current concerns by encouraging you to bounce back from past difficulties and challenges so that you can move forward with vitality in your life.

My way of working is easy to understand and can be adapted to your unique individual experience

I provide counselling that will focus on enhancing your psychological and emotional well-being so that you can reach your full potential.

My Therapy Modalities

​​Mindfulness Meditation
Embracing a mind that enjoys exploring and planning.
Developing awareness of patterns and discovering wisdom within.
Discovering tranquility amidst chaos.
Fostering a friendship with one’s nervous system and acknowledging the vitality of the energetic body, understanding that emotional issues can manifest physically.
Utilizing the breath and/or movement to uplift one’s spirit when feeling down or to reduce anxiety and restlessness.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

The exploration of the connection between thoughts, feelings, and behaviours.

Creative therapy: 

Involves using nonverbal methods for self-expression and tapping into one’s creativity, can be a friendly approach.

Relational/attachment-based Therapy: 

A form of traditional talk therapy that focuses on understanding relational, behavioral, and thought patterns and how they are connected to emotions. This therapy also involves exploring childhood experiences.

I am excited to make a connection with you!

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