Multicultural Counseling Service

We provide black and ethnic minority counselling in UK in a secure, confidential environment for black, Asian and ethnic minority groups in Taunton, Somerset and further a field online via zoom and other forms of video conferencing.

Black and ethnic minority counselling in UK

I provide black and ethnic minority counselling in the UK and psychotherapy for all BAME

BAME is a term that covers a wide range of people (Black / African / Caribbean / Black British people) with a very diverse range of needs. Different ethnic groups in the UK have different experiences of mental health problems that reflect their culture and context. I provide black and ethnic minority counselling in the UK.

The mental health of BAME communities is important because people from these communities often face individual and societal challenges that can affect access to healthcare and overall mental and physical health. It is vital that Black people look after their mental health as they are at risk of burnout, fatigue, anxiety and depression because of global events.

I provide a culturally sensitive counselling service based in Taunton-Somerset working particularly with difference and diversity without focusing on a person’s race, ethnicity, national origin, religious belief, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, age, marital status, ability, military or veteran status, source of income or political affiliation. I also would love to offer counselling support to immigrants and refugee who are in the UK 

Multicultural Counselling

When immigrants or people from BAME- in the UK face mental health issues, counselling may not be the first option they explore for relief. When they seek counselling, they often encounter a cross-cultural struggle to understand and be understood by British counsellors. I am able to cross that divide by providing black and ethnic minority counselling in the UK.

Why multicultural counselling
  • I offer multicultural counselling which offers effective interventions to culturally diverse clients in Devon and Somerset and across the UK. Race, ethnicity, and culture influence a client’s identity and life circumstances. Factors, like gender and gender identity, sexual orientation, age, socioeconomic status, religion, and disability may also play into the context of some client’s mental health, and relational or personal issues.
  • Today’s counselling clientele in Taunton and across the UK may be different from what they did in past decades, as an increasing number of clients from all populations are seeking therapy and mental health support due to declining stigmatization and increasing globalization.
  • Technology has provided me with opportunities to meet new diverse counselling clients through various channels: in-person, over the telephone, and online through video conferencing via Zoom and skype.
  • This changing landscape of professional clinical practice has led me to clients who come from different cultures, this has brought about the development of multicultural counselling, a distinctive competency which I am developing.
Diverse ethnic counselling team:

The long-term goal is for Acorn therapy to build a team made up of therapists and counsellors from diverse ethnic backgrounds who work singly and as a Team. We would love to have therapists who are able to offer therapy in languages other than English

Health and experiences:

Our health and wellbeing may be materially affected by adverse experiences throughout our life due to your race and or culture. We would like to play a part in addressing this inequality through a dedicated and empathetic service for all persons of colour, regardless of age, disability, gender, belief and sex, sexual orientation, marriage and civil partnership.

I am developing a self-reflective practice, which means that, if needed, I can congruently speak of difference and enable any issues of race, cultural sensitivity to be understood by me and the client in culturally diverse sessions.

Non-English speaking clients:

I am aware that several clients from the black, ethnic and minority groups may have difficulty speaking and understanding English. Some of the older ethnic minority clients have never received a formal education and cannot read or write. Some younger clients speak very broken English especially refugees, asylum and emigrants. Even among clients who are conversant in English, some find that it is far more comfortable talking about complex emotional issues and trauma in their native language.

When you come to us, you can be reassured that we will:
  • Be supported by a qualified, trained and experienced counsellor.
  • Have a safe and confidential environment for your counselling.
  • You will get ongoing support for as long as it takes.
  • We will provide you with an affordable service. 

As a therapist, I want to make a contribution to black and ethnic minority people (BAME) in the U.K by providing a safe space for all people to speak about issues related to power, privilege, and prejudice while celebrating the identity and accomplishments of my fellow Black community members and other minority groups.

Both in and out of the therapeutic space, I hope that I can foster continued positive growth and mental health for all communities.

I welcome culturally diverse clients from Black, Asian and other ethnic minority groups (BAME) in Taunton, Somerset and further afield. Click here to see other forms of counselling support I offer.