Counselling for Black, Asian and Ethnic Minorities (BAME) in Taunton-Somerset

I offer private face to face and online counselling and psychotherapy for Black, Asian or Minority groups in Devon, Cornwall, Somerset via zoom and other forms of video conferencing.

Diversity and multicultural counselling

I provide culturally sensitive counselling for  Black, African, Asian and  Ethnic Minority (BAME) people in Devon, Cornwall, Somerset and across the UK

I am a culturally competent counsellor, which means I able to interact effectively with people of different cultures and socio-economic backgrounds. I provide diversity and multicultural counselling. Acorn therapy is an organization is built on principles of diversity, inclusion and affirmation

People from a Black, Asian or Minority Ethnic background in the UK may face specific issues relating to mental health.  The mental health and wellbeing of BAME communities are important because people from these communities often face individual and societal challenges that can affect access to counselling and overall mental and physical health. 

All people deserve equal access to quality counselling and mental healthcare

I want to celebrate the intersectional identity of all clients who come to me for counselling. I aim to make it easier and safer for all people, especially marginalized communities in the UK to access professional counselling.

Embracing all intersections:
• Indigenous communities
• Race, ethnicity
• Sexual/romantic orientation
• Gender identity and expression
• Class background and economic background
• Nationality, immigration status
• Culture
• Spirituality or religion
• Age
• Physical abilities
• Developmental abilities
• Body size
• Skin colour

Diversity and multicultural counselling for Black / African / Caribbean / Black British people  

There are multiple reasons for this including stigma, cultural barriers, and systemic discrimination, all of which are more directly experienced by Black boys and young Black men as they get older. The challenges include:

  • Racism and discrimination
  • Social and economic inequalities
  • Mental health stigma
  • Criminal justice system
  • Other factors

That’s why as a black therapist I have an interest to work with Black men and women specifically focused on helping them avoid becoming so unwell. My counselling support can help black people focus on building personal resilience, enabling them to take care of their mental health and wellbeing.

Black people and ethnic minority people have different experiences of mental health problems that reflect their culture and context. That is why I aim through Acorn therapy I offer private face to face and online counselling and psychotherapy for Black, Asian or Minority Ethnic backgrounds across the UK using zoom, skype and facetime.

Non-English speaking clients:

I am aware that several clients from the black, ethnic and minority groups may have difficulty speaking and understanding English. Some of the older ethnic minority clients have never received a formal education and cannot read or write. Some younger clients speak very broken English especially refugees, asylum and emigrants. Even among clients who are conversant in English, some find that it is far more comfortable talking about complex emotional issues and trauma in their native language.

I welcome culturally diverse clients from Black, Asian and other ethnic minority groups (BAME) in Taunton, Somerset and further afield. Click here to see other forms of counselling support. I provide diversity and multicultural counselling for people in Taunton Somerset and across the UK online.