Therapeutic drumming Taunton

Therapeutic drumming Taunton; Promoting Psychotherapeutic use of drums to promote emotional, social, cognitive and physical wellness

I run Face to Face Therapeutic drumming Taunton and online across the UK . It’s a chance to creatively explore in confidence, feelings and emotions which may be too difficult or upsetting to put into words.

Psychotherapeutic drumming Taunton- Somerset I am introducing Psychotherapeutic drumming to the complementary therapy programme at Acorn therapy.

I provide a variety of therapeutic drumming Taunton workshops and groups that can be one-off or weekly/monthly in Taunton and virtually online. This is an opportunity to explore your inner rhythm landscape and express your creativity in a safe and supportive environment.

Drumming clinics and Workshops are experiential, and may include mindfulness practices, singing/music making and movement, writing and poetry, and making. Depending on the theme, they may also contain short presentations, group discussion and special guests!

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What is Therapeutic drumming?

Drum Therapy is not a recreational activity or a drumming lesson, although the sessions can be enjoyable. It is a space for you to think about and communicate what’s happening for you much like you may do in counselling. 

You don’t have to be good a drummer to do drum therapy and your drumming therapist won’t judge or analyse anything you play or say. It is completely up to you how much you say or use the drums. There is no pressure to drum how you feel or to talk about what you play.

Psychotherapeutic drumming is a science-based healing modality based on active participation in evidence-based rhythmic interactive activities with the intention to create non-musical outcomes to promote emotional, social, cognitive and physical integration of the individual. 

Use of hand drums for healing is not new, it has been used for thousands of years in celebrations, rituals and ceremonies. However emerging science about the healing qualities of the drum is relatively new. Drumming has a myriad of benefits for people. 

Drum Therapy is confidential:

Both the rhythm work and what is said during the drum therapy session is confidential.

I won’t give information about you to others without your permission unless I think that you, or someone else, is at risk of harm.

I will always do my best to let you know if I have to share information about you so that you know what’s going on.

Any work you make or materials you use will be kept in a safe place until the end of your sessions when you may take it away with you or chose to leave it with your therapist.

Confidentially and its limits will be explained at your first session.

Private Psychotherapeutic drumming clinics:

Private drumming clinics go much deeper than one off fun hand drumming sessions.

I work with people of all ages, kids and adults plus special needs. I’ve also had success empowering teenagers, recovering addicts and people seeking wellness who needed to reset their mind-set so they boost their confidence and move forward.

I run tailored sessions for individuals and groups, both virtually and in-person

Who can benefit?

Talking drums clinics work with individuals, couples, families, and groups in diverse settings. Some examples include:

Online Psychotherapeutic drumming in Taunton.

How you’ll know if Drum Therapy is helping:

  • Thinking creativity in a therapeutic space can help to express feelings and allow a focus that can help to manage overwhelming emotions.

    • You may find that you notice changes in your thoughts and feelings and that you have the space to think about relationships and yourself differently when you’re having drum therapy.
    • People who have taken part in drum therapy often say that they:
    • Had a better understanding of themselves and others.
    • Slept better and could express themselves more easily.
    • Felt less anxious and sad and were more able to calm down when they were angry.
    • Felt more hopeful about the future.
    • Are calmer and their friendships were improved.

    People have also told me that they were glad they had drum therapy because it gave them a safe relaxed space to do what they wanted to, without judgement or expectations.

Online Psychotherapeutic drumming in Taunton. Benefits of therapeutic drumming:
  • Improve social cohesion
  • Reduce tension, anxiety and negative feelings
  • Induce alpha brain waves which make you feel calm and relaxed
  • Incite laughter and good humour
  • Maintain clients in the present moment (mindfulness)
  • Generate positive energy.

What to do if you’re not coping between drumming therapy appointments.

If you’re finding it hard in between drum therapy sessions, it’s important that you tell me (your therapist). I can then help you work out what you are experiencing and explore things you can do to look after yourself and/or get more support.

How many drum therapy sessions you’ll have and how long they’ll last.

Drum Therapy sessions are weekly and last for 50 to 60mins each week.

Your sessions can be at a set venue, at your home, at your school or at a local health centre.

Your drum therapist can offer up to 12 sessions. This depends on each individual and their needs. You can talk to me if you feel you need more sessions.


The Drum Clinic offers a space where the participants are afforded empathy and positive regard, thus allowing an inner healing to take place.

I also work in partnership with the NHS, with community groups and with people in their own homes in Somerset or anywhere in the world on line via Video link.

For further information please see our dedicated website The Talking drums.