Acorn Therapy – The Acorn Principle

The Acorn principal explained: Imagine an acorn that has falls from an oak tree. This acorn has the potential to become a mighty oak tree itself. Squirrels help oaks spread, because they store acorns in the ground, practically planting little oak trees,

Given the right conditions, the acorn will germinate and automatically grow and accomplish this outcome. People are like the acorn, we seek to continually grow in positive ways. A counsellor is a squirrel to aid the process through therapy. 

The acorn principle means we have to look inside and discover what seed we are being. We seek to be acorns who will develop into oak trees. If the right conditions are provided to meet the needs of an acorn, you will grow to become a mighty oak tree. Your fastest, easiest and most enjoyable growth comes from your natural talents and skills. You are the best expert on who you are.

Others may make you think you are a pine

Parents, teachers, friends, family members, employers and other authorities sometimes project on us what they think is best for us. They see us from their own perception, ideas, unfulfilled aspirations, ambitions or dreams. They try to shape us accordingly. 

An acorn can only become an oak tree no matter what you or others may want it to become. If you focus on modelling into pine and learning pine ways and skills, even if they seem to work, they will hinder you from identifying with the oak in you. You will develop into an underdeveloped oak tree with good pine skills and ways.

Being this way, you will neither be a pine tree nor a satisfying oak tree. This could lead you to an identity crisis, confusion and unhappiness. You may wish to look like a pine tree but if you are an oak on the inside, you might become a hybrid tree, feeling out of place both with pines and with oaks. 

Discover the best version of you because you Matter! That is The Acorn principal.