Counselling for Men

Face to face and online counselling and Psychotherapy for men in Taunton, UK and anywhere

Counselling for Boys and Men in Taunton UK to help improve mental health

Whether you’re struggling with your relationships, your job, or you just feel down about life in general, I am here to listen, I provide Counselling for Boys and Men in Taunton UK . My aim is to help you understand more about who you are as a man, what has brought you to this point in your life, and what you can do to do live a more inspired, joyous and authentic life.

Eradicate Stigma

Research shows that men in the UK and other parts of the world feel pressured to conform to traditional gender norms such a toughness, fearlessness, and invulnerability to pain. Unfortunately many men often suffer in silence because of fears that being vulnerable goes against modern masculinity ideals. Each man that comes to counselling with me is encouraged to become a mental health change agent. By one man simply sharing/discussing his experience with other men, he creates a safe space for another man to step into.

I provide Counselling for Boys and Men in Taunton UK to help men get the most out of life by dealing with feelings of anxiety, depression, and addictive behaviours. I can work alongside men to help decrease feelings of low self-esteem, stress, anxiety, romantic relationship strains, addictive behaviours, and overwhelming emotions of anger. We can find out what it takes to increase confidence, communicate effectively, break free of addictive behaviours, and sort out feelings of anger and frustration.

Allow your strengths to overcome your fears

Our contemporary society these days tells us what type of men, boyfriends, husbands and fathers we should be, yet offers little to no understanding of what it means to be a man today – the unique strengths men have to offer, or the stress they face. This often leads a lot of men to pursue lives that don’t match with who they are as individuals. This unrealistic pressure pushes men to look for success, approval, acceptance, validation and love in all the wrong places. I work with men to address feelings of anxiety, depression, anger, and destructive addictive behaviours so as to create the ideal self and obtain the skills that work for them rather than against them. I help men deal with overwhelming feelings which typically may lead to misusing alcohol, weed, pills, isolating oneself, binge-watching pornography and masturbating.

Why Do I Care?

I understand the mixed signals society sends us as men today, the pressure it puts on us to perform, and the confusion felt when things just aren’t working out. Whether you struggle with addiction (or addictive behaviours with weed, pornography, alcohol, pills, masturbation, or extramarital affairs), romantic relationship stress, family dynamic conflict, past traumatic experiences, or the need to make sense of the struggle’s men face (work stress, performance anxiety, depression, panic attacks) I could help, contact me. Together we can navigate and overcome barriers to reach your goals.

How men respond to mental discomforts:

Often Men tend to act out what they feel. When men experience depression, they will more likely show anger or act irritable. Men are less likely to cry or discuss their feelings or to uncover and discuss internal thoughts. Men’s response to mental health conditions can manifest as anger and aggression. Men with post-traumatic stress are more likely to resort to drugs and alcohol as a coping mechanism.

Some of the common reason’s men come to therapy include these following issues:

-Feelings of being stuck, no motivation, all a form of depression
-Procrastination at work, success sabotage, and avoidance
-Trauma, PTSD, Disturbing memories
-Substance abuse and addiction
-Other dependencies including internet addiction, gambling, and sex addiction
-Body image issues
-Relationship issues
-Stress; work, family and personal time
-Poor sleep, physical pains


I offer counselling for men online via video conference, I am available to everyone regardless of their location. You can book your one-on-one sessions and start immediately. Select the schedule that matches your availability and work with me at your own pace.

Men often bottle things up. But when you’re feeling down, taking action to seek help is the responsible thing to do. Don’t let difficult feelings get on top of you try our Counselling for Boys and Men in Taunton UK