Employee Assistance Programme (EAP)

I employee counselling in Somerset under the employee assistance programme (EAP) based in Taunton Somerset and online for businesses and employees across the UK

Support your employees to access counselling through employee counselling in Somerset

I  offer employee counselling in Somerset and employee assistance Program (EAP) services to businesses and  organizations in Taunton Somerset and UK ,offering confidential Workplace Counselling that enables employers and companies in UK provide help and support employees during the difficult times.

We offer a professional and confidential counselling resource that aims to support employees and their family members in addressing and resolving any personal challenges that may impact their work performance. Our main focus is to help individuals achieve and maintain good mental health and work-life balance.

Our Employee Assistance Program (EAP) provides a caring and professional environment, ensuring privacy and safety. Located in Taunton Somerset, our dedicated and experienced professionals are committed to delivering care with the utmost dignity and respect. All interactions with the EAP are strictly  confidential, in accordance with legal requirements.

Confidential and compassionate counselling through Employee Counselling Services

Our friendly EAP Counsellors are compassionate, caring, and seasoned professionals who are qualified to address a variety of concerns. We are here to assist you, as well as your eligible family members, with any personal or work-related issues you may wish to discuss.

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Employee assistance programme (EAP) and staff counselling

At Acorn therapy in Taunton I offer workplace employee counselling in Somerset that will strengthen your professional relationships and help you achieve a less stressful, more productive workplace. Workplace counselling gives employees access to confidential, free, one to one therapeutic support online. It is generally a short term intervention, and provides a safe space for an employee to explore any issues that are causing them difficulty.

We spend most of our adult waking weekday hours at work. We may spend more time with our workmates and clients than we do with our own families and friends. It’s important that we feel mentally healthy, safe and valued at work, so we can perform at best of our ability and excel in other aspects of life.

Acorn therapy’s employee wellbeing service provides high quality and flexible counselling support for small, medium or large companies. 

For the Employers

At Acorn Therapy, we understand that your employees are vital to the success of your business. We not only value their well-being but also recognize that personal issues can have a direct impact on your organization. That’s why our Employee Counseling Service is not only a great benefit to your employees but also a valuable business strategy. It consistently proves to yield high returns for your company or organization. When you take into account potential profit loss from employees taking time off for personal reasons or the costs associated with replacing valuable employees, you’ll discover, just like many other companies have, that our Employee Assistance Program provides an excellent return on investment. 

Mentally healthy workplaces are good for people and businesses

What to expect in the sessions:

We establish a safe, collaborative working rapport. You will be encouraged to talk freely about the issue you’re wanting some help with. Support is provided through the course of the sessions. We’ll discuss how you’d like to be able to manage the issue and develop some strategies to trial and review. 

Sometimes a counselling approach may be more suited to the issue and your needs.

Stages of employee Counselling Process:
  1. Rapport/Relationship Building – Rapport building is the first step in every counselling session I conduct. I use skills like; mirroring, tracking, pacing, attentive listening, and empathy and presents such tools as obtaining informed consent, using self-disclosure, reflecting client feelings etc.
  2. Assessment/Problem Definition – Here I as a counsellor assess the employee’s feelings, thoughts, behaviours, and interpersonal dynamics. It involves asking my client exploring questions.
  3. Goal Setting – Third stage of the counselling process, involves a focus on goal setting. Goal setting is a collaborative between me and my client that focuses on the three Cs choice, change, and coping in the process.
  4. Intervention – Together with my client we establish a plan for change, reviewing the goals set in the process, and preparing for dealing with the problem
  5. Termination – This is where I assess goal accomplishment, skills gained, available resources and supports, and potential obstacles and we look at follow-up planning. It involves finding alternative ways to help my clients.

How much does Employee assistance programme (EAP) cost?

Most companies offer their employees up to a maximum of 6 x 1-hour sessions paid for by their company. I offer employee counselling sessions on a weekly basis but this can be tailored to meet the needs of the individual – company where necessary. I charge £40 per session but eh the first session is FREE. 

7 sessions (1 x initial, 6 x subsequent sessions) = £240
13 sessions (1 x initial, 12 x subsequent sessions) = £480
19 sessions (1 x initial, 18 x subsequent sessions) = £720

Looking after the mental health of employee’s does not simply benefit the individual but also to company or organisation. And, therefore, offering counselling is of benefit to both employee and employer. It is essential, that businesses and organisations help their employees with mental health care as soon as possible. In order to achieve early intervention, employers to spot absence trends and employees who need help. Many companies in Taunton and Somerset have therefore made counselling a part of their corporate culture. 

It’s Confidential:

The counselling and advice I provide is confidential. I maintain a strict policy in accordance with privacy laws and professional ethics. No information about you or your use of our service will be available to your employer.

What we offer:

The choice of face to face in Taunton or online counselling sessions across the UK.
A collaborative approach to meet your organisational needs
Pay per session basis – no monthly retainer
Prompt invoicing procedure after each counselling session

If you require extra resources or assistance in the long run, our employee counselling services will assist in locating additional resources and offering referrals that will be the most beneficial and cost-efficient for you. Take a look at our testimonials to discover how we have aided others in resolving their issues and regaining control of their lives.