Employee wellbeing

I offer an employee assistance programme (EAP) based in Taunton Somerset for businesses and employees across the UK

Employee counselling in Somerset

I run an employee counselling in Somerset ,offering confidential counselling that enables employers and companies in UK provide help and support employees during the difficult times

employee counselling in Somerset employee counselling in Somerset 

Acorn therapy recognises that sometimes additional support is needed for employees, managers or staff teams in a business or organisation. Balancing the demands of work with the needs of a home or personal life can be challenging. Acorn therapy’s employee wellbeing service provides high quality and flexible counselling support for small, medium or large companies. 

I (Acorn therapy)work with companies offering employee counselling in Somerset -Taunton, online in Devon, across the UK and abroad. Because of the covid19 pandemic, many company employees may be struggling. By offering our employee counselling programme you help deal with issues that might be impacting their mental wellbeing and performance. We can offer a range of wellbeing services tailored to the needs of your business from one-to-one counselling to facilitate group programmes or support for managers. 

In today’s fast-paced corporate world, there is virtually no organization or company free from stress or has employees who never stress. Employee counselling is the tool to attract and retain the best employees and increase the quality of the workforce in the UK or anywhere in the world. The main objective of employee counselling is to support the employees by providing them advice, guidance, suggestions to solve the prevailing problems and improve physical and mental being.

My Employee Counselling gives the employee an opportunity to vent their feelings in a relaxed, care-free environment without fear of consequence or judgement.

The aim of employee counselling;

Is to provide help and support to employees during the difficult times of their lives to enable them to face problems and challenges successfully. Counselling is generally conducted as a private face-to-face or online meeting via video link between the employee and I-the counsellor where I attempt to understand the employee’s problems and give him helpful suggestions sometimes called interventions.

It is vital to address the behavioural problems and conflicts between the employees as soon as they are detected and control the issues at the very beginning. I ( Acorn therapy) am not here to give advice, but we provide a non-judgmental, empathic and accessible means to allow an employee to find a way forward. We help employees deal with work-related issues, including stress and anxiety, depression, bereavement or trauma-related issues. work, bullying and difficult colleagues, which can directly impact an employee’s performance, personal issues can have a similar negative impact.

We all experience life-crisis issues at some point in our lives. Things such as bereavement and loss, relationship and family difficulties, substance misuse, alcohol issues, and stresses at home can all preoccupy someone’s thinking and distract them from work.  In certain safety-sensitive industries, this can also be a major risk. Our employee assistance service allows you to help and support your staff in a compassionate and confidential way.

Supporting mental health in the workplace

These are some of the reasons why employees are referred to me for Employee Assistance Programme counselling include:

  • Dealing with workplace conflict
  • Work-life balance issues
  • Interpersonal issues
  • Substance abuse
  • Discrimination and harassment
  • Bullying
  • Marital, family and other personal issues
  • Dealing with loss and grief
  • Adjustment during times of organisational change, including redundancy/end of contract

What are the benefits of offering employee counselling and Support?

Employee counselling can help individuals, managers and organisations to:

  • Helps employees cope with work-related and personal problems which could impact their performance at work.

  • Counselling can help employees improve productivity and workplace efficiency.

  • Decrease work-related accidents.

  • Reduce absenteeism and improve staff retention.

  • Reduce grievances in the workplace. Improve staff morale, commitment, motivation and resilience.

  • Demonstrate a caring attitude to employees.

  • Help businesses to meet their legal duty and obligations of care and reduce the likelihood of expensive stress-related personal injury claims.

Stages of employee Counselling Process:

  1. Rapport/Relationship Building – Rapport building is the first step in every counselling session I conduct. I use skills like; mirroring, tracking, pacing, attentive listening, and empathy and presents such tools as obtaining informed consent, using self-disclosure, reflecting client feelings etc.
  2. Assessment/Problem Definition – Here I as a counsellor assess the employee’s feelings, thoughts, behaviours, and interpersonal dynamics. It involves asking my client exploring questions.
  3. Goal Setting – Third stage of the counselling process, involves a focus on goal setting. Goal setting is a collaborative between me and my client that focuses on the three Cs choice, change, and coping in the process.
  4. Intervention – Together with my client we establish a plan for change, reviewing the goals set in the process, and preparing for dealing with the problem
  5. Termination – This is where I assess goal accomplishment, skills gained, available resources and supports, and potential obstacles and we look at follow-up planning. It involves finding alternative ways to help my clients.

How much does employee counselling in Taunton cost?

Most companies offer their employees up to a maximum of 6 x 1-hour sessions paid for by their company. I offer employee counselling sessions on a weekly basis but this can be tailored to meet the needs of the individual – company where necessary. I charge £40 per session but eh the first session is FREE. 

7 sessions (1 x initial, 6 x subsequent sessions) = £240
13 sessions (1 x initial, 12 x subsequent sessions) = £480
19 sessions (1 x initial, 18 x subsequent sessions) = £720

Looking after the mental health of employee’s does not simply benefit the individual but also to company or organisation. And, therefore, offering counselling is of benefit to both employee and employer. It is essential, that businesses and organisations help their employees with mental health care as soon as possible. In order to achieve early intervention, employers to spot absence trends and employees who need help. Many companies in Taunton and somerset have therefore made counselling a part of their corporate culture. 

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