ACORN Therapy


I provide a psychotherapy and counselling service based in Taunton-Somerset (and to the wider UK online) to support individuals. Take part online via Skype, Zoom, Whatsapp wherever you are 

I work with individual people and organisations. I offer face to face and online counselling to clients of different ages and backgrounds, individual adults, young people and employees in Taunton Somerset and across the United Kingdom 

Don’t suffer alone, get in touch

Hi, my name is Denis; I provide Private professional Counselling in Taunton as Acorn therapy. 

We all struggle in life at one point or another. When emotions and problems feel overwhelming, it may seem difficult to cope. Reaching out to someone may be hard but it could make a difference. You can talk to me about anything – it’s confidential – talking to me can really help! My role is to help reduce the impact that difficult situations, thoughts and feelings can have on both yourself and your relationships.

You may be feeling alone worried, scared, fed up, angry, heartbroken at the moment. Struggles of life like loss, traumatic events, and ongoing life circumstances can leave us feeling low, anxious stressed or depressed. Speaking to people you know can be useful for many problems but you may feel like you don’t want to burden those closest to you, but in some cases, it is better to speak to a counsellor. Therapy is supposed to be this completely safe space where you can be open and honest, you don’t have to leave part of yourself outside the door when you come to see me. I am eager to meet you where you are. I work with clients of different ages and backgrounds; adolescents, young people and adults

Being a black therapist, I am a culturally competent counsellor; it means I try to understand my client’s cultural lens, cultural differences, practices, and world views, whilst I try to comprehend, communicate and effectively interact with all my counselling clients from different background and social-economic setups. Every person, regardless of ethnicity or background, should be able to access counselling. I am interested in supporting equal progression and participation in counselling and mental health across ethnicities in Southwest England and all over the UK.

I offer professional counselling to help you cope during difficult times, make sense of what you are experiencing and overcome barriers – which may be impacting your wellbeing. 

To arrange a free initial counselling session or ask any questions please get in touch.

Don’t suffer at home, get in touch

We all struggle in life at one point or another, if you are struggle with Mental health concerns such : Stress, depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, past trauma, panic attacks, eating disorders or Health and lifestyle issues like: smoking and weight loss, 
Emotional support like dealing with : loss or bereavement, marital changes, parental support or relationship concerns. I can help.
Speaking to people you know can be useful for many problems, but sometimes you may want some support from a professional. If things feel too much to manage on our own, counselling with me could help.
I offer a confidential and safe environment in which we can explore difficulties and find the direction to lasting changes. Sometimes current difficulties have their roots in the past. Problems emerge when we stick to our old ways of coping. I work with clients of different ages and backgrounds.
I strive to build a confidential trusting relationship with my clients in which they can be true to themselves and explore struggles without judgement.
If you are looking for someone to guide you with authenticity through this brave next step, contact me. If you are skeptical and hesitant to reach out, contact me. I am eager to meet you where you, either call or send me an email by clicking here.

book a free Session, online or face to face session.

No need to travel. My free initial session can be done on Zoom, Skype or WhatsApp without leaving the comfort of your own home or office. If after our initial session you don’t want to progress any further, then there is no obligation. All I ask is you turn up at our booked time.

If you’d like to book Private professional counselling in Taunton or online video Counselling and Psychotherapy, you might want to have a look at the counselling fees or read more about counselling and other services throughout my website.

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Free Virtual initial session

No need to travel. My free initial session can be done on Zoom, Skype or WhatsApp without leaving the comfort of your own home or office. If after our initial session you don’t want to progress any further, then there is no obligation. All I ask is you turn up at our booked time.

Book a free initial session by clicking the below button.

About the Sessions

I offer different types of counselling service at Acorn therapy to meet the individual needs and wishes of each client. Here I outline the cost for the various counselling categories I provide both face to face in Taunton and online

Creative Counselling

Therapy does not have to be a hard slug through endless emotional struggles. we are developing the use of creative counselling which aims to help clients find a form of expression beyond words, allowing the client a non-threatening means to reach their personal goals.

Wellbeing Workshops

We run emotional wellbeing workshops aimed at improving the emotional awareness for groups, schools, youth groups, clubs. 

Public Speaking

I am available and happy to speak about emotional wellbeing at conferences, workshops, seminars, church meetings, and other events and gatherings. My style is informal and inclusive and may incorporate arts and sensory activity as well as communicating verbally.

Difference and Diversity

We provide  culturally sensitive counselling  working with difference and diversity, particularly beliefs, ethnicity, race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, or socioeconomic status in Taunton Somerset and across the UK

Need counselling, mental health or wellbeing support for your employees?

We provide an employee counselling services in Taunton, we help organisations and companies to ensure that staff are well supported through any difficult issues they may be facing
We give affordable, confidential and impartial, support and counselling to employees, helping reduce workplace stress, improving employee performance and building mental resilience in individuals staff


Types of clients I work with 

My Private counselling Testimonials

I am committed to developing and improving the quality of the mental health support and  I give my clients in Taunton and further afield in the UK. Take time to read through a few of my client testimonials and reviews about their own counselling experiences with me in Taunton, Somerset.

Private professional counselling in Taunton

While my clients come with many different concerns, there are some common mental health issues and struggles I am most asked for support for.

Counselling for Adults:

Anxiety, Depression, Addiction (Internet, Sex, Gambling, Shopping), Trauma, Parenting (in general), Parenting Special Needs Child, Workplace /Occupational Challenges, Sleep Disorder / Insomnia, Grief and Loss, Difficulty Handling Change, Marital challenges, Communication Problems, Self-Esteem / Self-Confidence, Stress Management, Drug Use or Abuse, Life Transitions (Retirement / Job Change/ Empty Nest), Separation / Divorce, Dissociation, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD), Anger Management, Eating Disorders

Counselling for Teenagers/ Adolescents: 

Parent-Teen Conflict, Bullying / Being Bullied, Social Skills Academic Pressure, Mood Swings, Social Anxiety, Self – Esteem / Self-Confidence, Sports performance, Depression, Peer Pressure / Social Judgment, Anxiety, Grief / Loss, Attention / Concentration / Hyperactivity, Development Transition, Sexual Identity / Orientation, Abuse / Neglect / Assault, Life Management (organization, planning, decision making)

My Counselling Approach

Approach: My therapeutic approach draws from both the Humanistic and Psychodynamic schools of thought in dealing with issues brought by my clients such as; change or acceptance, and I draw on a number of approaches and styles of counselling to help clients explore and resolve their problems, and to achieve their goals and aspirations. These include Person-centred, Humanistic, Psychodynamic, Existential, Transactional Analysis and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) principles. Click here to see more

Counselling can provide:
  • A safe, confidential space to talk
  • The opportunity to explore your thoughts and decisions
  • Strategies to help you cope during difficult times
  • Ways to challenge & manage unhelpful intrusive thoughts
  • Clarity in some areas of your life
  • Space to work through current and past traumatic experiences and complex emotions
  • A focus on personal growth and development

Useful Mental Health emergency Links in the UK?

Be your own therapist by learning useable tools to improve your mental health now. Here we share self-help and useful mental health and wellbeing resources to help you understand the issues you are dealing with.  In times of emotional crisis, it’s important to remember that you are not alone. Reaching out to someone may feel difficult but it can really help.

Help in a mental health  emergency  in UK
For urgent help and concerns about your immediate safety :Call 999 to access the emergency services or go to Accident & Emergency (A&E) at your local Hospital. Medical Support
Get in touch with your doctor or contact NHS 111 for non-emergency care and advice.
CAMHS Duty Line (Somerset) – 01823 368368
Advice for anyone concerned about an under 18
Worried about how you are feeling or concerned for a friend? Many organisations are available to offer support by phone, text or online chat  24/7. So, if you need to talk here are some options to try: Childline – for under 18’s – 0800 1111, Samaritans – for any age – 116 123, YoungMinds Crisis Messenger  – Text YM to 85258 , Domestic Violence Helpline (Refuge) – 0808 2000 247, Frank  – 0800 77 66 00
(drugs information and support)
We have found a range of mental health and wellbeing support apps which you may find helpful – here we list just a few. Please follow the useful links here for more contacts. 


Due to social distancing measures introduced by the Government we have suspended face to face sessions and implemented ‘virtual’ sessions to continue to provide services for those that need it. After booking a session you will be provided with a Zoom link for the period you have booked.