Schools Counselling

Provision of Schools counselling in Somerset

I offer Schools counselling in Taunton-Somerset and online throughout the UK, providing support to children, teenagers, young individuals, teachers, and parents.

Building on the strengths of school communities to ignite hope and foster healing. I am committed to fostering a friendly, anti-racist, and anti-oppressive environment. Schools counselling in Somerset can be integrated into schools throughout the academic year, becoming an integral part of the educational and support system

School-Based Counselling Taunton-Somerset

I provide compassionate counseling services to students in Taunton, Somerset. Every year, I assist thousands of children and young individuals by offering school-based counseling. By collaborating with schools and local authorities in Somerset, I strive to enhance the emotional, behavioural, mental, and social well-being of students. School-based counseling services are available for both primary and secondary school students, with each age group receiving targeted support.

How school-based counselling can help young people

My school-based counselling provides a supportive and confidential space for children and young individuals to discuss experiences that may be confusing, distressing, or uncomfortable. These experiences may arise within their own household, community, or educational environment. Typically, these experiences have an impact on the child, their relationships, and their ability to engage in learning.

School Staff Counselling Service

I understand the immense dedication of school staff in catering to their students’ needs. Just as students require care and support, teachers deserve the same. Hence, it is crucial for schools in Taunton-Somerset and across the UK, both in-person and online, to prioritize and fully embrace the promotion of staff well-being.

I offer confidential online counselling services to educators and other staff members, regardless of their location. These sessions are priced at £40 and are funded by the school.

The counselling service for teachers that I offer is designed to be flexible and accommodating. With a pay-as-you-go system, you have the freedom to choose when and how often you utilize counselling sessions, without being tied down to an annual contract. By working directly with me, the process becomes more personable and straightforward. You have the independence to begin or conclude sessions at any time, ensuring a comfortable and supportive environment.

I provide a range of counselling support services which include:

  1. One-to-one counselling
  2. Group programmes including mindfulness
  3. Support for teachers, pastoral staff and safeguarding leads

I work closely with students, their families, and staff to enhance emotional well-being and offer mental health support for the entire school community.

Schools counselling in Somerset

There comes a point in everyone’s life when we all need someone to talk to. Young people, just like adults, can face difficult and stressful situations, and you may find it challenging to cope with them. My private counselling services are available at a price of £40 per session when accessed remotely or at a discounted rate of £35 for in-school sessions.

How can school-based counselling benefit young individuals?

School-based counselling can help young people deal with a range of personal problems. Common issues addressed by The Spark’s counsellors in schools include: Anger/aggression Anxiety Body image Bullying Depression Eating disorders Emotional issues Exam stress Family breakdown Illness Loss/bereavement Low self-confidence Low self-esteem Puberty Relationships and sex Self-harm Sexual identity Substance abuse Young carer responsibility

Group counselling in schools

Group counselling for students and children helps improve communication and relationships by allowing them to connect with their peers and making them feel less alone. These counselling sessions may focus on various themes such as managing anger, coping with grief, dealing with gender-related issues, navigating life transitions, and learning effective family stress management techniques.

The counselling and support we provide to schools

Pupils approach me seeking assistance for various reasons. The most common ones include feelings of anxiety, difficulties in staying focused, a lack of confidence, mood fluctuations, and challenges within their family.

Our in-school support works together with pupils, their families, and school staff to help your school community effectively manage these types of challenges.

• Students book appointments with a counsellor to discuss concerns and worries.
• One-on-one counselling – weekly counselling sessions using conversation, creative activities, and play to support students facing challenges.
• Group counselling – therapeutic groups addressing topics such as friendship, self-esteem, transitioning, and bullying.
• Family Practitioner – access to family support services offering dedicated advice and assistance to parents and caregivers in primary schools.
• Guidance, training, and safeguarding advice for staff – mental health professionals, including myself, provide expertise on managing and understanding behaviour, Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND), Additional Support Needs (ASN), safeguarding, and staff stress management.


Depending on the age and stage of the pupil or student, during the counselling session, a combination of therapeutic play, art therapy, or talking therapy may be employed. The counsellor will establish a therapeutic relationship with the child or young person through acceptance, trust, and empathy, allowing them the opportunity to express and process their feelings at their own pace and level.

School staff counselling:

We work together with schools to develop the package that suits their needs. For more information about School counselling and what we can do through Acorn therapy to support your school’s needs in Somerset get in touch. Staff Counseling, starting at just £35 per session, I understand that there are times when educators may need extra support. Finding a balance between work pressures and personal demands can cause stress. Counselling aims to help individuals effectively overcome current and past issues by providing a warm and welcoming atmosphere for those seeking guidance.

Creative Arts Therapies

Visual arts, mural design, creative writing, poetry, spoken word, dance, authentic movement, music, theatre, and photography are among the various avenues we explore to foster emotional well-being and create healthy communities in schools. What Are Creative Arts Therapies? Creative arts therapies are an amazing way for individuals, both young and old, to express themselves, manage their emotions, and find solutions to problems. These therapies are incredibly unique and have the power to enhance social skills, address trauma, and convey deep meaning. Creative arts therapy is not just about creating art for its sake; it is rather centred around utilizing artistic expression.

I am concerned about something but unfortunately, there is no Acorn therapy counselor available at my school.

If someone is in a life-threatening situation, call 999.

Otherwise, ensure that you reach out to a trusted adult at the earliest opportunity.

Under this, we can only assist individuals who attend school, but you may consider reaching out to:
• A family member, such as a parent or guardian
• A school staff member, such as a teacher or counsellor (if your school has one)
• Your doctor.

If you are unsure of who to contact:
• Give Childline a call at 0800 1111 or
• Send a text saying CONNECT to 85258 to communicate with one of Shout’s skilled volunteers.

you can also use this link to access more help from more useful links: