Creative Therapy

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Therapy does not have to be a hard slug through endless emotional struggles.

Art Therapy is a form of psychotherapy where images and the creative process are used to help clients expressing emotional states.

It be particularly helpful in cases where putting feelings into words is hard.

Using simple art materials such as clay, collage, pencils and paints can enable the client to communicate difficult feelings around complex issues, such as chronic illness, loss or difficult emotions.

Get in touch with the hidden and neglected part of your that needs to be seen, loved and integrated into the here and now. Discover inner peace, self-love, good health and success.  The aim of creative therapies is to help my clients find a form of expression beyond words or traditional therapy, such as cognitive or psychotherapy. We providing art, music, movement, drama, eco therapy, photography on a one to one basis or as part of group work

Our Creative therapy works across a variety of settings which include; health, social work, education and the community. I don’t run all the therapy sessions myself, but I work with fully qualified arts therapists and counsellors.

Once in a while I may extend invitations to work with professional artists, musicians, photographers and other specialists.

Counselling as a collaborative process – the process relies on both the client and the counsellor working together as a team. It is important for you to want to change and commit to the therapy. You will only heal, change or grow based on how much you are open, willing and ready.

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