Online counselling services in Taunton and UK, Video Therapy and Zoom offer all the advantages of office therapy, without the hassle of commuting.

Online counselling services in Taunton and UK, Zoom video Therapy and counselling

You have been contemplating seeking therapy for some time now, but you are struggling to find a way to fit it into your busy schedule.

Whatever the reason you are unable to attend in person, remote therapy in Taunton and UK  or Taunton online counselling offers an alternative way to meet with your counsellor and begin or continue therapy. Whether you require individual or couples counselling, our online therapy sessions provide flexibility. Quality online counselling and psychotherapist services from the comfort and safety of your own home in Somerset and across the UK. 

Skype / Zoom Therapy & Online counselling services in Taunton and UK are user-friendly, they make remote counselling more convenient to access. digital counselling has made it possible for my counselling services to be provided through live video  conferencing in Somerset and across the UK. With the prevalence of smartphones and tablets capable of video chat in the UK, accessing my counselling sessions has become easier than ever before. This technological advancement has transformed the healing industry by enabling therapists to connect with clients in a convenient and effective manner via video calls.

There are numerous reasons why online therapy services in Taunton and the UK may be preferred over face-to-face sessions.

While not at home: On a business trip or vacation
During recovery from illness or surgery: When you are temporarily unable to travel
If confined to your house: For those who cannot easily leave home
Juggling childcare responsibilities: After giving birth or with children you cannot leave
When you are the sole caregiver: Unable to leave someone who needs you nearby 
Engaging in couples’ counselling: When you and your partner are in separate locations but available at the same time.

Online therapy also offers the opportunity to continue seeing your therapist even if you permanently move from Somerset, within the UK or abroad. This allows you to maintain continuity with your therapy while adjusting to your new location. Additionally, with advancements in technology, online therapy sessions can provide the same level of therapeutic quality as face-to-face sessions.

How do virtual counselling in Taunton and the UK

Essentially, there is no disparity in the quality and process of counselling between you and the counsellor, regardless of whether it is conducted face-to-face or online. The sole difference lies in the manner in which the therapist interacts with you.   

You and your counsellor will mutually agree upon a suitable appointment time and day, after which they will send you an email invitation to confirm the appointment and provide instructions on how to participate in the online therapy session.

The majority of online therapy platforms are incredibly user-friendly, requiring nothing more than a simple click on the invitation link in your email to initiate the therapy session.

During your initial telephone conversation, your therapist will kindly explain the steps involved in connecting with you.

When Can an Online counselling Help?
To have an online counselling session, what do I need?

To have a successful and effective online therapy session, it is important to have the following:

– Ensure you have a good and strong internet connection. We recommend using a private Wi-Fi connection instead of a public one.

– Have a desktop, laptop, iPad, or mobile device with a camera. Think about where you can prop it up comfortably so that you can see the screen and your therapist can see you. Holding a camera for 50 minutes can be tiring, so make sure you can sit comfortably.

– Find a comfortable seat to sit on during the session.

– Choose a location with light in front of you so that your face is clear in the picture. Having an anglepoise lamp or desk lamp can be useful for this purpose.

– Select a confidential and quiet space. It is best to reduce any background noise, such as radio, TV, or traffic noise, to ensure that you can be clearly heard by your therapist.

– Find a place where you won’t be interrupted by other people.


Is virtual counselling in Taunton and UK confidential?

You may have concerns about the level of confidentiality in your digital therapy in Taunton and UK, thinking that it may not be as secure as an in-person session.

To address this concern, your therapist will exclusively use an online therapy system that has encrypted connections. This means that your conversation will be protected between your computer and their device, ensuring that nobody can intercept or eavesdrop on your session.

In addition, your therapist recognizes the importance of maintaining a confidential environment.  Just like in face-to-face therapy, they will conduct your online counselling services in Taunton and UK  appointments in a private and secure setting. The same standards of privacy and confidentiality will be maintained. Furthermore, your counsellor will provide guidance on how you can ensure that you can speak openly and confidentially from your location.