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Do you work from home? Want to avoid the extra commute? Or just prefer the convenience of counselling in the privacy of your own home in Somerset-UK. I am a professionally registered Counsellor  & Psychotherapist, I offer online therapy In Somerset and UK using Zoom or Skype. 

I use virtual counselling sessions to deliver talking therapies using a laptop or desktop computer, or a mobile device like a smartphone or tablet.

During these challenging times, like many other therapists and counsellors in Taunton and across the UK, I have taken my Psychotherapy and counselling practice online. I work from my office at home in Taunton- Somerset, but you can be anywhere in the UK or in the world you choose, as long as you have a stable internet connection, and a space that is safe and private. My preferred platform is Zoom, which has proven to provide the best facilities for stability and privacy. It is easy to download and use. I send out invitations for my clients at the beginning of each day. My sessions are password protected and I will lock the meeting once you have arrived. If there are any issues around connectivity, we can move the session onto WhatsApp on the telephone which is a successful alternative.

What happens during a virtual appointment?

In an online therapy session, I as your counsellor or therapist will work with you to assess the issues that you are facing and support you manage your difficulties. The content and structure I use for virtual counselling is the same as in a face-to-face sessions. The appointments are scheduled in a similar way, with regular weekly meetings of the same length of time. I maintain the same standards of privacy and confidentiality as if we were meeting in person.

You will be meeting in a private, secure ‘room’. Online video and chat services use an advanced form of internet security called encryption, meaning that your conversation is safe. In the unlikely event that someone manages to intercept a message, they would be unable to decipher the encrypted code.

Using video to talk about very personal issues can feel a little strange to begin with. However, most people find themselves adapting to it surprisingly quickly.

Video counselling has advantages, too. You can be in control of your own environment. You can have your own things around you to help you feel calm. And there’s no long or stressful journey to and from a therapy room.

When Can an Online counselling Help?

Here are a few situations where online counselling might be the preferred method of getting help:

Busy Schedules: If you have a very busy schedule, at work or at home, taking time out to get to and from appointments can feel like a waste, and cause unnecessary stress. Arranging a counselling session from your office or home can mean you get to tackle the issues that concern you, without other areas of your life suffering.

Regular travellers: If your job or lifestyle requires you spend a lot of time in different places, cities or countries, online counselling can be ideal. It enables you to have regular sessions so you can address your concerns more quickly without having to deal with long gaps between face-to-face sessions which can slow down your progress.

Living away for Taunton or abroad: If you live away from the UK or abroad in a non-English speaking country, it can be difficult to find a good counsellor that has enough command of English or the type of training or therapeutic approach that will really suit you. By accessing your therapy or counselling online, you can enjoy the comfort of discussing your issues, in English and accessing the type of online psychotherapy that you will feel most comfortable to work with. 

Accessible for people with certain disabilities: For people who have a disability or illness, coming to a counselling room can be a barrier. Online counselling makes it possible of all abilities to participate in online therapy. 

Your online counselling appointment will be conducted just like a face-to-face session – you will be able to see, hear and interact with me -your counsellor or ‘virtually’ for the length of the session.

Modern video platforms are easy to use.

I send you a web-link by email. You just click on the link to access your private online waiting room, and I meet you there at our appointment time.