Are you Parents and carers in Taunton- Somerset UK or anywhere else concerned about your child’s behaviour? Worried that they might get into trouble or that they are in with the wrong crowd? Do they behave in ways that make you think you are helpless or not a good parent, that they are getting out of control? I provide a Parents and Carers Counselling Service in Taunton-Somerset and online across the UK.

I provide an opportunity for Parents and carers to talk about problems, decisions, worries or changes in any area of their life. Issues we discuss do not have to be related to parenting. 


Parents and carers counselling

Parenting today has many family setups; the traditional nuclear family, step-parenting, co-parenting or being a parent as part of a ‘blended’ family, modern parenting can have many challenges. Whether you are speaking of a new-born baby or a teenager, each stage of childhood is a personal learning curve for each parent.  

 The challenges and experiences of our lives directly affect the environment we create for our own children. We know now that crime, divorce, scores of diseases, obesity and poor academic performance are directly linked to adverse childhood experiences, such as child abuse and neglect.

I provide a safe space where Parents and carers can share their emotions without feeling judged, helping parents process any issues that are affecting their relationship with their child, adolescents, young person. I enable parents to seek help for parenting uncertainties, questions, concerns, or feelings of inadequacies that have a chance of driving a wedge between them and their child.

You may be experiencing some of the following parenting issues:

  • Parents and carers who is experiencing some problems with your child or children, whether they are young, adolescent or fully grown
  • Thinking about fostering, adopting or stepchildren and managing the impact and effects this has on you
  • Experiencing empty nest syndrome and its effects on you or the family unit
  • Coping with living with an adult child or children who can’t afford to leave home – and negotiating the shared living issues it causes
  • Have blended family problems – communication, power struggles, resentment, negotiating ‘holidays or family celebrations’ … ‘who has the kids at Christmas?’
  • Counselling parents with Homosexual Children- if your child has come out to you as lesbian, gay, bi, trans, queer or similar
  • You may be negotiating the troubles and challenges of divorce, separation, step-parenting and lone parenting on the family
  • Family issues that arise following a traumatic event – the death of a family member, serious injury, rape or attack
  • Parenting issues and worries of the new born baby or child
  • Parenting issues and challenges of an adolescent, teenager or young adult
  • Single parent challenges

How can Parents and Carers counselling Service help?

Bringing your parenting anxieties to therapy will allow you to hear and understand your worries, identify roots of misunderstanding and miscommunication, find reassurance that you are doing well or identify where help is needed if it turns out that you aren’t coping so well.

This is the time when ‘untended to’ anxieties and worries combined with tiredness can develop into post-natal depression

Some benefits of Parents and Carers counselling include:

  • I will give you an unbiased outsider’s view into your home which has no judgement, allowing you to make objective decisions for your good.
  • Together we will figure out a better understanding of your parenting style. You may notice the pros and cons of your inherent way of parenting, which might help you make adjustments where needed.
  • Better conflict management skills. Parent counselling with me may help you gain techniques to handle conflict – which might indirectly teach your children about healthy conflict and a good opener for communication as opposed to violent and confusing confrontation.
  • You might find a way to better manage parental expectations. When a parent-child conflict has reached the point where neither of you can be a winner – the best thing to do is step back and revaluate what you are expecting of your child. Through Parent counselling with me, we will walk through the best way to do this, and figure out a way to navigate these conflicts.

Key parenting tips to remember:  

  • Model, don’t manipulate.
  • Lead, don’t intimidate.
  • Support, don’t shame.
  • Encourage, don’t threaten.
  • Guide, don’t push.
  • Listen, don’t lecture.”

No Parents and carers or child should have to suffer alone, I am here to help in person or online via zoom to anywhere in the world.

In counselling you will notice that all parents are capable of learning.   Do not fret if you are striving to be your best and you make an error in your parenting, because we are all prone to failure.  Counselling can help you make each mistake a teachable moment for the life of your child. Lift your bootstraps up, forgive yourself, and move forward. 

Counselling will help you see that every failure is offering you, as the parent, an opportunity to achieve personal and parental growth. 

Perhaps you feel that you have ‘lost yourself’ along the way and want to take time to process where you are now, and what changes you might like to make in your life.

My aim is to meet you where you are in your life right now. If you think it’s time to put in a bit of emotional support for yourself, please get in touch.