Acorn Therapy -ethical standards for counselling.

The ethical standards for counselling are a set of moral principles or rules of conduct for counsellors and therapists. In counselling, ethics underpin the nature and course of actions taken by us as counsellors. Counsellors and therapists in helping professions are expected to behave in an ethical manner.

                                                                 Ethical standards for counselling

I am dedicated to the ethical standards for counselling providing a confidential, private counselling service. I am fully qualified and so are any other people I work with providing a safe environment in which to explore personal, relationship or business issues in a confidential environment.

I am committed to working ethically and confidentially with clients according to professional ethical standards for counselling. This means that you can say what you need to say, knowing that your discussion will be respected and professionally handled, particularly if the material is of a very personal nature. We respect individuals each individual no matter of their background, regardless of gender, age, sexuality, religion or nationality.

I take professional standards very seriously, for the well-being and security of our clients.

I am a member of our therapists is a member of at least one professional body and so would be all other people I work with.  The level of membership may vary according to that therapist’s training status and level of experience but all therapists with Acorn therapy would practise according to the ethical code of the appropriate regulating body.

I and therapists who work with Acorn therapy  belong to at least one of the following professional associations:

·        British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP)

·        United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP)

·        British Psychological Society (BPS)

·        Federation of Drug and Alcohol Professionals (FDAP)

·        National Council for Psychotherapy (NCP)

·        Association for Coaching UK

All these regulating bodies have rigorous training criteria. Every therapist or counsellor linked to Acorn therapy adheres to the comprehensive and strict code of ethics of their professional organisation and of the appropriate regulating body. 

I undertake ongoing clinical supervision, as appropriate to the mode of practice we offer.

By nature, in my profession as a counsellor, I must act in the best interest of my clients, promoting my client’s goals, protecting my client’s rights, maximising good and minimizing harm based on ethical standards for counselling.