I am able to accept third party counselling referrals for both adults and young people. This is when someone else, usually a professional, makes a referral on your behalf. They can do this by emailing or calling me. Please note that I ask anyone making a referral on behalf of someone else to obtain their knowledge and consent to do so before giving me their details. 

I will generally make contact with the individual the referral has been made for prior to adding them to any list for support.

When you feel someone would benefit from a referral for counselling, the way you introduce the idea can lead to better outcomes.

Counselling Referral from other Therapy providers and Counsellors: 

Acorn therapy is dedicated to working with other mental health and therapy providers. Whether you’re a therapist in private practice or you represent another therapy agency, I would like to hear from you.

If you would like to learn more about my programs or schedule a video call, please fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page

Thank you for your work, and for inquiring about my counselling and other therapy programs.


Referring a patient from the hospital for counselling:

Clients often come to Acorn therapy directly from the hospital. Whether your patient struggles with suicidality, self-injurious behaviour, overdose, or any other mental health or behavioural health crisis, I may be able to help.

Referring students and pupils to counselling:

School teachers, and other school administrators are often the first to notice when an adolescent struggles with mental health or substance use issues. This makes them valuable resources in helping their students gain access to counselling, and it’s why I would like to partner with schools to give counselling and mental health support to pupils and students.

I am happy to partner with schools in Somerset and across the UK to raise awareness of common mental health issues teens struggle with today. Whether it’s anxiety, depression, relationships, substance use, or any other problem, I am here to offer my knowledge and experience. I understand that educating teens while dealing with these issues is difficult and complex. That’s why I am here to help. I have led Mental Health Awareness Evenings, Wellness Programs, and Parent Information Sessions for various schools in Somerset. I can also help your students organize school mental health initiatives.

Please get in touch with me if you believe I could serve as a resource for your school.

Here is how you can make a counselling referral: 
  1. Take time to prepare the individual. In many communities, counselling continues to have a stigma. Some people think that counselling is only for “mental cases,” so it is vital that you use appropriate language, such as “I would like for you to see Denis a counsellor for support in dealing with the stress in your life.” You may also want to suggest, “Try it one time, and see if it works for you.” It may take several months to persuade some people to seek counselling.

    2. Assure the individual that you are going to continue caring for him or her. Seek to show compassion, and explain to the individual that you want him or her to see (Denis) a counsellor because you want him/ her to receive some support.
  2. Contact me. It is difficult to be genuinely positive about sending someone to see me if you do not have any information about me. Contact me directly or have a look at my website for basic information about how I work.
What happens when I receive a counselling referral?

I will contact the individual directly to arrange an initial counselling meeting.

I aim to meet all referred people for an initial meeting within one weeks of referrals being made. 

The Initial therapy meeting

This is a chance for a new client to meet me and find out what I can do for them. It’s also an opportunity for me to find out which of my services might be best for them. At the moment I carry these out virtually via Zoom. The initial meeting usually lasts for about half an hour.

After the Initial session:

If you and I agree that counselling could be of benefit to you, I will offer you weekly counselling sessions as soon possible after your contact, usually within a week.

In the first session I will discuss the Counselling Contract with you, this includes the limits of confidentiality.

In the sixth session I may ask you to do an evaluation about your experience of the service so far.

I will be periodically ask questions to assess your wellbeing.