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Covid19 helpful thoughts

These are tricky times for us all and it’s hard not to be anxious. The last few days have been challenging for me, here are some reflections which maybe helpful:

  1. Accept that you are worried, anxious or scared but notice that we are in it together and humanity is doing the best they can to find a solution. I’ve seen a lot of unhelpful stuff about how this is a divine punishment and all that kind of stuff, this is not the time for that. Remember the virus doesn’t belong to any race, it doesn’t stigmatize people we are in it together.
  2. Have a plan, our mental health systems will be overwhelmed with uncertainty if we have no plan. Do what you need to do to feel safe. Admittedly some people have gone OTT with buying toilet rolls, sanitizer and I hear even guns but if it helps make them feel safer then so be it but i would try be considerate of others.
  3. Try and stay in the here and now-in the present. Don’t overthink things and be consumed with doom, worry and fear. Keep your mind where your body is at all times if you get what I mean. If you are making a coffee keep your mind at that, manage your thoughts.
  4. Limit how much news or social media you consume about Covid19 and get your facts right. Constant feeding on scary and some fake stories will weaken your immunity and will leave you traumatised.
  5. Listen to your body. Our bodies and mind are linked, eat well, exercise if you can and get plenty of sleep.
  6. Breath. When we feel anxious, slow breathing can help calm our bodies down and sends messages to our system that all is well.
  7. Try to stay connected. We’re are all going through the same struggles so stay connected with people through social media as much as you can. Don’t spend all the time in your head.
  8. Keep real. Things are bad right now but don’t be too negative, there must be things in your life that are going well right now. Lighten the mood, watch a funny clip, call a friend who can make you laugh, we all need a Moses. Make something, play an instrument. Look at what good you can make out of this situation.
  9. If things get hard, ask for help speak to a professional, anyone.

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