Mindfulness phone Apps to Support mental health during social distancing and post covid19

Great for Adults or Kids!

We are all dealing with a new world, with a lot of changes likely to cause us stress, anxiety, and general unsettling feelings.

Many people both young and old may not have access to a therapist or counsellor, or even a friend they can talk to help ease these feelings. One of the ways to access mental health support during this time is to download one of the many mindfulness phone applications (Apps). These applications can help to reduce anxiety and stress, and help you and your family or someone you know to practice mindfulness.

Here below are a few Aps we have used and we recommend:

Headspace – Focuses on meditation which leads to less stress and better sleep. Life changing mindfulness skills in just 2 minutes a day.
Learn more here –

Calm – Mental fitness, relaxation, and sleep are the core of Calm. Providing daily meditation, movement advice, music, relaxing visuals.
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Simple Habit – meditation app that offers daily, five minute meditation sessions designed to provide a brief respite at any point in your day.
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