International therapy

Online Therapy for Clients Who Live Internationally

You’ve always had this dream. You’re living in a foreign country, exploring a completely new place with its own unique history and culture, meeting new people and having fulfilling experiences. So, why do you sometimes feel lonely, sad, confused, or frustrated? Even if you’ve planned to live internationally for a long time, the reality may not be exactly what you expected. And even if it’s everything you hoped for, there are many challenges associated with such a big change like living in a new and different place. At Acorn Therapy, we understand the various challenges that come with international living, and we can help you navigate any concerns that arise so that you can truly enjoy your experience of living abroad. We recognize that finding an English-speaking therapist whom you can connect with can be difficult when living internationally, and we are pleased to fill that need by offering online therapy for clients who reside abroad. To learn more, you can visit our website or contact our team to schedule a consultation.

Why Would Expats Benefit from Therapy?

  • As a dedicated and skilled therapist, I am committed to supporting my clients, regardless of where they are located. Having lived abroad myself, I understand that the experience of international living encompasses more than just fun and adventure. I welcome individuals—teenagers, young adults, adults, couples, and families—who are living internationally to schedule regular therapy sessions. I frequently provide therapy for government employees, NGO and corporate staff, as well as teachers and students at international schools.
  • You know that saying, "wherever you go, there you are"? It turns out that this holds true for living internationally, too. While a change of scenery can be a great solution for many of life’s challenges, it can't make all your worries disappear. If you are living abroad and dealing with issues like anxiety, depression, or unresolved trauma without your usual routines, comforts, and support networks, you may quickly find yourself feeling overwhelmed. Far away from home and without your usual coping methods, finding a solution can be challenging. Luckily, I am here to help. In addition to providing essential support for common concerns, we also offer therapy for expats who are struggling with issues specific to living abroad, including:
    • Cultural displacement
    • Homesickness and missing home and family
    • Feeling lonely and isolated
    • Supporting third culture kids or trailing spouses
What Happens During Therapy for Expats in Uganda or People Living Internationally?

If you are living abroad, you might be having difficulty finding an English-speaking therapist, or you may prefer to work with someone who understands your background and what it’s like to face challenges while living internationally. Online therapy for people living abroad provides access to knowledgeable therapists who speak your language and empathize with the expatriate experience and everything you’re going through. You can conveniently meet with me from the comfort of your home or office, via a secure video communication platform. Our telehealth online therapy platform is completely secure, yet simple to access and easy to use.

Get Started with an Initial Appointment

At Acorn Therapy Counselling, we begin the therapy process with a 55-minute intake session to explore the reasons why you are seeking therapy and set goals. When you’re ready to start, we look forward to hearing from you.