Counselling services

Every single one of my clients has unique needs and so is my approach to helping them meet those needs.

We would have an initial session so that we meet each other, for you to tell me what you come to counselling for and what you would want to get out of the therapy sessions. I ask some questions to that I get a better understanding of where you are in your life so I can assess how we would work together.  You may have some questions you need to ask me, or things you would like me to clarify about the sessions. The initial session is a full length session, 50 minutes, to ensure that there is enough time for us to talk about things which might be difficult in a safe, supportive environment. There is no obligation to continue with me if you decide that we wouldn’t get on, or if counselling isn’t for you at this time.

If you decide to continue, we would meet at the same time each week online or face to face. Sessions last for 50 minutes.

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Due to the physical distancing measures in place in Taunton and all over the UK to contain and reduce the spread of the COVID 19, I am now providing online video consultations using a variety of platforms including Zoom, Skype, Facetime and others.

What to expect

I will lead you through using the technology and provide support while you get confident. It may take time to get used to online sessions but they can be just as effective and as important for maintaining your health and wellbeing during this time. 

Effectiveness of online counselling

When was the last time you talked to someone on the screen using your mobile or laptop? Was it personable? Could you sense their mood? Did it feel like you were close? Despite what people think, online counselling doesn’t compromise the quality of connection and understanding. Meeting remotely for counselling and support, is just like talking to a counsellor in person!
In months years, with covid19 and the rapid growth in advanced technology, the use of video for counselling has increased.


When you seek counselling or psychological and emotional support, your comfort is of paramount importance to me. I think sitting in front of the camera on your smartphone, laptop or tablet, is easy and comfortable. It reduces the hassle of getting ready and commuting to your face to face counselling appointments; online counselling also allows you to choose the space from which you wish to communicate. Video counselling sessions I have had with my clients show that the space from which they speak to me varies from in the car, open fields, cafe, under a tree, bedrooms, balcony and more.

Affordable counselling

I have noticed that online video counselling is affordable and cheaper for some clients because it saves time and money on travelling and the counsellor spares the expenses on the overhead costs associated with renting a room.
The quality of my counselling is not going to change just because I use online video counselling. I will give you the same support as you would have received face to face in a therapy room.

I may decline providing online counselling and suggest alternative support if I feel that I cannot support you due to the nature of your problem, if my client list is full or if you are suicidal, self-harming or suffering mental health crisis. Where possible I may suggest alternative support, face to face therapy or that you contact the emergency services.

The acorn therapy online counselling service is not suitable for a suicidal crisis; if you are suicidal, or considering self-harm please contact the emergency services or The Samaritans Website: Email: , Tel: 08457 90 90 90

How does online video counselling work in practice? 

We will agree an ‘appointment time for sessions to be held online. The online video counselling sessions could be weekly or more frequently if you wish.  I currently use the Zoom platform which is secure and encrypted and can be accessed via the Zoom website at

Please ensure you have Zoom installed prior to the online video counselling appointment. I will need  to email you  prior to the appointment.  If for any reason we experience technical issues during a ‘real time’ appointment I will try to reconnect with you, but if this is not possible we will make contact via telephone.

Payment for your sessions Session:

Fees are currently £40.00 for 50 minutes. The Payment of £40.00 for your online video counselling session should be paid atleast 24 hours prior to the appointment time. Payment may be made by bank transfer through the link on the website.

Availability of Appointments

Online counselling sessions are available Monday to Saturday, including after hours and evening appointment times

I offer individual,one on one counselling which allows you to speak to me in confidence. Counselling is a collaborative process – the process relies on both the client and the counsellor working together as a team. It is important for you to want to change and commit to the therapy. You will only heal, change or grow based on how much you are open, willing and ready.

When you contact me for the first time, we will book an initial session straight away. The first meeting allows both of us to get a sense of each other and the issues which you will have brought to counselling. we will then agree on the dates and time for the following sessions should you chose to go ahead.

I have Individual one on one online counselling via Zoom video conferencing and face to face counselling sessions in Taunton- Somerset for adults for a range of issues faced in our modern world. I am trained to help with a range of matters, and you can feel assured that I am here for you.

  • Anger management
  • Panic attacks
  • Depression
  • Stress management
  • Self-esteem and assertiveness skills
  • Eating disorders
  • Anxiety

These days the young adult period can be characterized by rapid physiological, sexual, cognitive, and emotional changes. Many young adults move into new adult roles and responsibilities which bring a lot of challenges. Young adults may begin higher education studies, enter the workforce, move away from home, or start a families etc. Young adults are also expected to accept responsibility for themselves legally, make decisions for themselves, and in some cases, they are encouraged to begin supporting themselves and other people financially.

A lot of young adults may find their entry into adult responsibilities overwhelming or confusing, and because of this several mental health conditions can emerge in the late teens and early twenties, further complicating an already difficult period of life. 

Common issues that young adults are often vulnerable to include may include substance abuse, eating disorders, depression, and anxiety and more

I offer support therapy and counselling to help young adults during the transition from adolescence into adulthood. 

Get in touch if you are experiencing mental health concerns or other difficulties as you become accustomed to new expectations, roles, and responsibilities.

Growing up can raise all sorts of challenges, especially in families that adapt and change shape through divorce, remarriage or international relocation and other things. Seeking intervention for teenagers, adolescents and students can be difficult but it is a brave thing to do.

Individual counselling sessions are available in Taunton- Somerset and online via Zoom video conferencing for adolescents, teenagers and young people for a range of issues facing navigating their path to adulthood.

Young people today face a different set of challenges unique to being young and most may not have had chance yet to develop strong coping skills or positive social supports. Some of these challenges young people face that I offer counselling support for include:
• Academic stress of school exams
• Commencing tertiary and self-motivated study
• Adjusting to the discipline and demands of work life
• Stressors in dealing with school relationships
• Coping with office politics and unequal power relationships
• Living independently for the first time
• Facing difficulties with share housing
• Changing relationships with family members as becoming a youth adult
• Family conflict, breakdown and divorce
• Loss of friendships as people’s lives go in different directions
• Social isolation and loneliness at or after school
• The death of loved ones or friends
• The breakdown of the first serious romantic relationship
• Living with a partner for the first time
• Sexuality, gender and/or general identity issues – who am I?
• Financial responsibilities for the first time
• Physical health issues or injury
• Suicidal thoughts or self-harm
• The development of mental health issues such as anxiety or depression
• Problems with alcohol or illicit substance use and peer pressure
• Getting into trouble with the law

Problems we provide counselling for among adolescents and teenager today

Working with young people over the years I have noticed that are many great things about being young in England today, such as higher energy levels, greater opportunities for adventure but young people are also at risk of social, mental and physical health issues than adults. Some of the risks young people face include:
• Self-image and self-esteem issues
• Alcohol misuse or addiction
• Illicit substance misuse or dependence
• Anxiety and depression or other mood disorders
• Eating disorders or weight issues
• A psychotic or manic episode
• Risk-taking behaviours
• Car or other accidents
• Suicidal behaviour and attempts
• Sexual assaults and sexual abuse
• Domestic violence
• Bullying and low social supports
• Homelessness
Through counselling I can extra support to navigate through the many challenges faced by teenagers and adolescents. Counselling can help reduce the risk of negative outcomes and assist individual young boys and young girls to transition into adulthood successfully.
If you would like enquire about counselling or make an appointment, please use to the contact details provided on the website

I offer counselling and mental health support for students in Taunton and Somerset, to help you gain understanding and insight into any struggles you may be experiencing, to develop emotional resilience and put into effect real change, enabling you to fulfil your academic and personal potential.

 I am experienced in helping young adults and students dealing with:

  • Unemployment/ underemployment
  • Relationships, sex and sexual identity
  • Depression / anxiety / stress
  • Drug and alcohol abuse
  • Financial concerns
  • Work related problems
  • Illness / disability
  • Family breakdown
  • Pregnancy
  • Violence
  • Low self-esteem/confidence
  • Criminal activity / involvement in the criminal justice system

We need to understand what is behind behaviour in schools. The academic demands of modern-day education can have a significant impact on the well being of young people. At Acorn therapy I have a range of services available specifically catered to supporting teachers and young people in their pursuit for academic success.

Click here to look at my Mental health and mindfulness workshops for schools.

My name is Denis Victor and I am a counsellor based in Taunton, Somerset.

I provide private counselling for all individuals including, men, women, teenagers, adolescents and trainee/student counsellors.

I offer a safe, confidential space to talk about issues that may be confusing, painful or uncomfortable.  Together we can understand and deal with these complex feelings in order to promote change. 

I am able to support you in managing life changes, while looking at ways to manage issues such as Anxiety and the inability to cope with daily life are real struggles,Depression, distressing panic attacks and stress. Do you struggle with managing your anger? or struggling with an eating disorder? 

All messages left, whether voicemail, text or email will be dealt with in strict confidence. I aim to respond to all voice messages/texts/emails within 24 hours