Confidentiality Policy:

Our Counselling Confidentiality Policy:

We understand that your personal health information, including your counselling appointments, is private.

It is our utmost priority to keep this information confidential in out Our Counselling Confidentiality Policy.

Your appointment details at Acorn Therapy are confidential and cannot be shared with others without your written consent. Acorn Therapy follows the confidentiality laws of the United Kingdom as well as the professional ethical codes of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP). There are certain circumstances where confidentiality may be breached, such as if there is an immediate risk of self-harm or harm to others.

If you have any questions or concerns about Acorn Therapy’s confidentiality policies, please contact us directly via email. Acorn Therapy has chosen to adopt the privacy and confidentiality standards set by the BACP as they are recognized as excellent professional practices. Acorn Therapy may only use or disclose your protected health information (PHI) for treatment and healthcare operations purposes with your written authorization. In cases where treatment or healthcare operations are not involved, Acorn Therapy will obtain your written authorization before using or disclosing PHI. You have the right to revoke any authorizations given, provided it is done in writing.

However, please note that Acorn Therapy may have already relied on the authorization while providing
services on your behalf as detailed in Our Counselling Confidentiality Policy

Limits of Counselling Confidentiality Policy

Acorn Therapy may, in certain circumstances, use or disclose PHI without your consent or
authorization. These circumstances include:
 Child Abuse: If your counsellor has reasonable cause to believe that a child whom they know
in their professional capacity may be a victim of abuse or neglect, they are obligated to
report this belief in accordance with the Abused and Neglected Child Reporting Act.
 Adult and Domestic Abuse: If your counsellor has reason to believe that a protected
individual under state law has been subject to abuse, neglect, or financial exploitation, they
must report this belief as per the Illinois Elder Abuse and Neglect Act.
 Serious Threat to Health or Safety: If your counsellor believes that you pose an immediate
and serious risk of physical or mental harm or death to yourself, they may make necessary
disclosures to ensure your safety. If you convey a specific threat of imminent harm to
another individual or if your counsellor believes that there is a clear and immediate risk of
physical or mental harm being inflicted on another individual, they may make disclosures
that they deem necessary to protect that person from harm in accordance with the Illinois
Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities Confidentiality Act.

Our Counselling Confidentiality Policy Complaints

If you have any questions or believe that your privacy rights have been violated, you can file a
complaint by contacting Acorn Therapy and requesting to speak with our Privacy Officer. Acorn
Therapy has policies in place to ensure that all complaints are handled professionally and ethically.