Therapy for Trainee and Student Counsellors

Every single one of my clients has unique needs and so is my approach to helping them meet those needs.
Personal therapy for trainee counsellors and students in Taunton, Somerset and across the UK online via video link.

Choosing to work as a counsellor/ psychotherapist or training to become a counsellor/psychotherapist is a huge commitment. Part of the commitment is to continuous personal development and clinical supervision. Most training bodies, colleges or universities in the UK stipulate that personal therapy is mandatory for all trainee counsellors and therapists. I have worked with several trainee counsellors in Taunton and Somerset area since I qualified.

I have worked with trainee counselling students from Somerset college, The Iron Mill college Exeter, Bath University and other colleges.

Personal therapy is an essential part of the development of any future counsellor and is a key element to enabling growth and self-awareness to take place. Usually trainees and counselling students are required to get 40 hours of personal counselling or psychotherapy with a professional BACP registered 

I believe in the benefits that Trainee/Student Counsellors gain from their personal therapy.  Having recently undertaken Counselling training myself, I totally understand the complexities involved and the impact a counselling course can have on a person.

  • Enables growth and self-awareness to take place
  • Gives you the opportunity to find any blind spots you may have
  • Offers you the opportunity to explore any unresolved issues from your past
  • Ebalbes you to recognise and separate your own personal issues from those of your clients when they manifest themselves in the therapeutic relationship
  • Ensures that you will be able to stay more present and focused with your clients
  • Gives you an opportunity to explore how your theoretical training relates to/impacts you
  • Offers you a supportive space during your course
  • I am a Registered Member MBACP 
  • I have worked with Trainee/Student Counsellors before
  • I provide a Confidential, Safe and Supportive Environment

I am an integrative Therapist but Person-centred work forms the core mode of how I work.  I focus on the here and now with a firm belief that everyone is an individual in their own right with a capacity to change, grow and heal given the right circumstances and environment.  Whilst this is the focus of my work I will be interested and curious as to your background and family of origin as your present is informed by your past, especially by your attachment style and by any unresolved issues.  Our work would also look at any unconscious processes that may be taking place either within our counselling relationship which can sometimes mirror life in the outside world.

Our therapeutic relationship is the heart of the therapy and my aim is to offer you a safe and supportive space for this relationship to grow and to allow you the environment to talk about any issues affecting you as well as enabling you to reflect on your own processes and explore anything that may emerge for you as a result of your training.

  • Confidentiality is paramount and it is good practice to not use names if you are referring to other students on your course.
  • I will not be able to read through nor assist you in the writing of your assignments.
  • I understand and appreciate that for some trainee/student counsellors it is their preference to stay with one therapist throughout the course, whilst for others, they would prefer to change and experience another counsellor or a different type of modality.  I am flexible and can accommodate both options.
  • I appreciate that some trainee/students are happy to undertake additional sessions beyond the required number that need to be signed off and I can accommodate this.
  • I take very seriously the importance of personal therapy for students wishing to become counsellors.  It doesn’t help to come to counselling as an exercise in ticking boxes in order to meet the course requirements. It is best to fully engage with processes.

I have daytime and evening appointments available in Taunton. Book an appointment now.