Counselling Teenagers and Adolescents in Taunton Somerset and online across the UK

Growing up can be challenging and sometimes adolescents and teenagers could use some professional counselling support of their own. Sometimes space away from other adults, concerned parents, teachers and other family members can be useful to make sense of difficult experiences and relationships. I provide a safe space for adolescents and teenagers who want to have a better understanding of themselves and the people around them or to find ways to cope with the difficult experiences they face.

Adolescence and Teenage is one of the most important stages of human development. During the teenage years, young people face many physical, psychological, identity and relationship changes on their journey to adulthood. I know that as a Teenager today you face a lot of challenges; you have to adapt to significant physical changes in your bodies and also deal with the increasing demands and expectations of society like the lure of the internet, pressure from exams and so on. This pressure makes adolescence and early adulthood hard and can cause mental health problems like anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, eating disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorder, drug and alcohol-related struggles, relationship difficulties and much more. I am experienced in Counselling Teenagers and Adolescents in Taunton- somerset.

Counselling Teenagers and Adolescents in Taunton

I support adolescents, teenagers and their families to identify ways to approach this time in a way that encourages their psycho-social development. Counselling helps teenagers to be safe, feel good about themselves, and engage in respectful relationships.

Are you a young person reading this, are you:
Risk-taking: an important phase of growing up

A crucial stage of individuation involves teenagers experimenting with new social roles, behaviours and situations. This exploration is integral to establishing their adult identity, distinct from their childhood self. Decades of research suggest that the dramatic hormonal changes and rapid brain development that occur throughout adolescence commonly result in lowered impulse control, coupled with heightened risk-taking behaviours. Problematic behaviour may manifest externally (anger, aggression and family conflict), or your adolescent may internalise their feelings about transitioning into adulthood (anxiety, depression and family withdrawal).

Counselling for adolescents is an invaluable opportunity that helps adolescents make sense of themselves, their behaviours and interactions with others during this critical time of development.

Counselling for Teenagers/ Adolescents:

Parent-Teen Conflict, Bullying / Being Bullied, Social Skills Academic Pressure, Mood Swings, Social Anxiety, Self – Esteem / Self-Confidence, Sports performance, Depression, Peer Pressure / Social Judgment, Anxiety, Grief / Loss, Attention / Concentration / Hyperactivity, Development Transition, Sexual Identity / Orientation, Abuse / Neglect / Assault, Life Management (organization, planning, decision making)

Maybe I can help…

Who am I? Just call me Denis. I’m a man who has lived a while and travelled quite a lot, originally from Uganda-East Africa.  I know what it’s like to live in a family that’s undergone big changes affecting everyone. I have worked a lot with young people over the years, I know how important it can feel to have friends: a peer group, to fit in, to manage fear, anxiety or shyness, to feel able to step up and try out new ways of being and belonging in the wider world.
I am a therapist and counsellor, musician, charity worker and performer. I’m not a teacher in the conventional sense – more of an interested listener/conversationalist and experimenter. I don’t ‘fix’ people or read their mind, no one can. However, through my work with young people, I try to help them feel happier about who they are and stronger inside to deal with life’s challenges. I do not judge and I am not phased by anything. I imagine you want to make thought-through choices and manage life’s challenges. If any of this strikes a chord with you, I’d be interested in meeting up and finding out what’s getting you down or bugging you as well as what’s fun and worth celebrating in your life.

What are the Benefits of Teen Counselling?
How it works:

I have some ideas on for example dealing with anger (which we all have at times). I’m also open to different ways of working, including using the arts so it’s not all talk. You might want to find a way of writing lyrics, or a poem to express how you feel, or of making music that ‘speaks’ to you about a situation or person that’s significant in your life. Perhaps there’s a song that captures what you are experiencing? Any of these can be ways in to working together here. Or you may want to explore a situation using painting or drawing rhythm. It doesn’t have to be a piece of art (therapy drawings rarely are!), just simply making marks on paper, mixing paints to make a glorious colour or a wonderful, gloopy mess can sometimes ‘hit the spot’ or help describe what is going on. we can also work with clay, sand tray, poetry, photography, drama, movement – there’s a host of ways of getting started.

Getting started

Initially, if possible, I can meet you together with your parents and any other family members living at home if you like.  It helps us all get acquainted and enables me to learn something from you about the difficulties encountered, what has been tried and what solutions are being sought. 

Counselling may be brief, comprising a short series of weekly 40-minute sessions. With more complex or longstanding difficulties, meeting for a longer period of time may be advisable. In all cases, progress is reviewed together by you and me on a regular basis.

Is your teenager sad or withdrawn?

As teenagers start to explore their adult identity, they commonly experience high levels of anxiety, doubt and self-consciousness. Adolescents are discovering who they are, trying to find ways to be comfortable with their newfound status as young adults, and figuring out how they fit in with their rapidly changing social environments.  While this can be an exciting and liberating time, it can also create high levels of anxiety and distress.  It is crucial that teenagers are encouraged and supported in their efforts to mature and take their place in the world of adults. Counselling can also be extremely beneficial if your teenager is struggling to manage their emotions at this time.

How I work

I understand that your teenager and even you may feel a little nervous about counselling but my aim is to ensure you feel comfortable and at ease from the minute we meet.  

Parents can attend the first session together with your teen or your teen can attend alone from the start.  If you come together be it face to face or online, I will spend a few minutes talking about what the session will look like, cover confidentiality and answer any questions you may have while teens have time to settle in and feel comfortable with a parent still present.  After this, the parents can leave to provide the young person privacy during therapy.  

The most important element to supporting my adolescent clients in counselling is developing a strong therapeutic relationship.  This is only achieved through building rapport and trust and for this reason counselling can take a little longer in getting to know the underlying issues concerning the young person.

All counselling clients adults or teenagers are entitled to their privacy and it is imperative that they have a safe space where they can share talk freely without fear of judgement.  For this reason, I give my teenage clients the same confidentiality in counselling sessions as adults and information shared is not disclosed to anyone, including parents, unless there is an emergency situation. 

The overall number of counselling sessions teenagers need is different for everyone.   I suggest that we start with weekly or fortnightly sessions in the beginning and extend these as the teen progresses.  Counselling sessions in person are 50 Minutes.  If you have any questions concerning Counselling Teenagers and Adolescents in Taunton please contact me.

If you are a parent who is concerned about your child, please feel free to contact me to discuss the options.

I have a particular interest in working with parents who are concerned about their young people because of anxious, challenging or risky behaviour. Get in touch for information about Counselling Teenagers and Adolescents in Taunton. Please click this link to see counselling costs.