Counselling for parenting issues / Counselling for parents and mental health support for carers in Taunton Somerset and across the UK online

Are you a parent in Taunton- Somerset, Devon UK or anywhere else concerned about your child’s behaviour? Worried that they might get into trouble or that they are in with the wrong crowd? Do they behave in ways that make you think you are helpless or not a good parent, that they are getting out of control? I (as Acorn therapy) provide Counselling for parenting issues in Taunton-Somerset, Devon and online across the UK.

Maybe you have disagreements with other adults in your child’s life about how to handle things, or you’ve found yourself doing things that are out of character or are against your values as a parent? Do you find it hard to put boundaries in place for some reason, and withdrawing or getting quite irritable?

Being a parent and parenting is one of the most amazing things we can do and yet, parenthood didn’t come with a manual, it can be a daunting thing to do. Parenting can be satisfying and fulfilling. But it can also be difficult and time-consuming. Parents from all backgrounds often grapple with child-rearing issues when their children reach adolescent age. I am here to support parents seeking help for any uncertainties, questions, concerns, or feelings of inadequacies that could drive a wedge between them and their child. 

Or are you a new parent looking to enhance your relationship with your baby. Do you sometimes feel like there is a mismatch between how you feel and how you thought you would feel when you have a baby? Together we can do something about that through counselling

You may be experiencing some of the following parenting issues:
How can counselling for parents help?

If you bring these anxieties to counselling, the process will allow you to hear and understand your worries, identify roots of misunderstanding and miscommunication, find reassurance that you are doing well or we will identify where help is needed if it turns out that you aren’t coping so well. Our untended to’ anxieties and worries combined with tiredness can develop into depression

In counselling, I offer a non-judgmental open setting for exploring those challenges and understanding our deep-seated fears.

Some benefits of parent counseling with me include:

There is no perfect parent, but effective parents strive to be positive parents.  Positive parents recognize their limitations and vulnerabilities, strengths and successes, but we always seek to make room for improvement.

Counselling for parenting issues in Taunton and across the UK for black parents

In recent years the conversation about mental health in the UK and worldwide has begun to shake some of the stigma that shrouded it for so many years. With that, mental health support has become more expansive (especially as options for us to work online have come up). But for too many Black people in UK and other parts of the world still face barriers that make accessing quality mental health care like counselling more difficult.

Black moms and dads often need counselling support more than their white counterparts. Some Black parents face racism, discrimination, and economic disparities in ways that some white folk may not, making the need for quality and affordable counselling even more urgent.

No parent or child should have to suffer alone. Whether you’re looking for a therapist in Taunton or in UK for yourself or your child I would like to make getting counselling help a little easier. Contact me if you need counselling for parenting issues in Taunton-Somerset, Devon and all across the UK